How wonderful to have your dog in attendance during such a special day?


We can make it possible for your furry friend to arrive at an agreed time to participate in your service, the photographs or to attend the reception.


House of Barks works with you on an individual basis to agree how to incorporate your furry friend into your plans.  Each wedding is bespoke and there is no formula or package, we plan everything to suit your individual requirements.

We can collect your dog/dogs and return them to any location in the North Norfolk area or bring them back to House of Barks for a lovely holiday while you are away!

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Wedding Chaperone Service Explained



We love meeting dogs. Initially, we need to meet you and your dog to establish their role in your special day

Once all details and arrangements have been agreed, House of Barks will collect your dog from your home/kennels/boarders or another location on either the morning of your wedding day or the night before


We can arrange to have them pampered or groomed if necessary to ensure they are looking their absolute best for those all important wedding photos. They may well be wearing something special for the big day and we will take care to ensure they are photo ready!


We transport your dog to the wedding venue at the appropriate time 


We will chaperone your dog prior to the service/photo session or reception to ensure they are well exercised and as calm as possible 

Once they have fulfilled their role within your special day we will return them to an agreed location or back to House of Barks for a celebratory bowl of water and some lovely treats!


We know how important timings are on your special day. We are very flexible and we can adapt to your time frame 

Wedding Chaperone Service Rates

To discuss your requirements or request more information, please contact us

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