Bath before check out

We offer a bathing service before check out to make sure our guests are looking their best and smelling fresh after a fun and action packed holiday with us.  If you would like to take advantage of this service please tick the relevant section on the booking form.  


Please note that there is an additional charge for this service of £10 per dog.


All our guests are regularly brushed during their stay and we carry out thorough daily wellbeing checks to ensure all guests are in tip top condition.


100% Natural & Organic products

When we bath your dog we pride ourselves on using only high quality naturally certified dog grooming products. If your dog uses a medical or special shampoo then we kindly ask you to provide this.

Full grooming & pampering services can be arranged 

We are partnered with a number of local groomers and can arrange an appointment for your dog or dogs to have their coats hand stripped, clipped or trimmed whilst staying at House of Barks to ensure they are looking their very best for departure.  Please contact us to discuss you requirements.  Please note that there is an additional charge for this service.

Pampering Services Rates

Bath before checkout

£10 per dog


Grooming services to be agreed as per local groomers rates.

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