Why should we ensure our Dogs are walked regularly?

Whilst a walk provides your dog with exercise, there is another reason why a daily stroll is so important - and it has to do with instinct.

Just as fish need to swim and birds need to fly, dogs need to walk. In the wild, packs of dogs get up in the morning and walk to find food. The pack's Alpha Dog leads the way, and the lower pack mates dutifully follow. For a dog, walking fulfils a migration instinct.


While letting your dog run around the garden can be good exercise, it isn't a substitute for walking. A dog gets a great deal of mental stimulation from investigating smells, exploring new places, seeing new things and hearing unfamiliar/new sounds.


Walking is good for dogs for so many reasons including improving their behaviour. Canine Behaviourists believe dogs that are taken for regular daily walks are better behaved and are less likely to be destructive, obsessive, or have separation/dominance issues

Dog Walks Explained

At House of Barks we offer a local dog walking service for dogs of all shapes, sizes and age



All of our 4 legged walkers are collected from and returned to their home address at an agreed time


All walks are for 1 hour unless specifically agreed otherwise


Walks for our guests are well planned and varied


All dogs that participate in our dog walking service wear a high visibility dog collar embroidered with our contact details for the duration of the walk


Walks can be on or off the lead - we only walk dogs off the lead with your written consent.  Dogs will only be let off the lead in a safe environment and when we are comfortable with their recall


We offer both solo and group dog walks (maximum 4 dogs per walk)


Please note - All dogs need to be well socialised and comfortable/friendly around other dogs

Dog Walking Rates

 (within 10 mile radius of South Creake)

£15 per hour*
Additional dog or dogs from the same household are charged at £10 per hour

*Mileage costs may apply

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